brian d. handspicker

"BD leads exceptional teams to accomplish exceptional results."   Bob Ferri – Partner, Nagle–Ferri

"Brian is an unusually multi-talented executive whose skills have developed and been polished through both Fortune 500 and startup experiences. He is a strong general manager with competence across engineering, marketing, product management and sales. As CEO of Intellify, a strategic partner of WebEnable, Brian's talents were evident to me - his ability to identify new business opportunities, launch multiple efforts to pursue those opportunities and secure Fortune 500 customers."  Alex Suri – CEO, Intellify, Inc.

"Brian is one of the most innovative thinkers I've met, and a very effective leader and manager. He is very effective at injecting innovation into an organization and marshaling resources to act on the innovation. I would expect Brian to identify new business opportunities or threats to existing businesses, and drive projects that allow the company to address these situations."  Joe Hellerstein – Senior Manager, IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab

"I worked for BD and it was a great experience. BD created a very productive environment where smart people could collaborate and solve some very hard problems. BD had the organization skills to create and protect that environment, recruit a team of superstars and then to take our results and get other teams to adopt them."  Jeffrey P. Snover – Microsoft Management Architect, Microsoft Partner

"In my experience, Brian is a very sharp, hard working technologist. He was instrumental in several initiatives at Digital, serving as strong technical resource with deep networking and network management knowledge. Brian was a 'can do' person who was never afraid to roll up his sleeves and take on tasks at all levels of contribution."  Robert Bismuth – Vice President Strategic Alliances, Transmeta

"Some people's minds are constrained by ruts worn in over many years, but BD is able to let his imagination flow out over the vast alluvial plain of possibilities to find features that remain dry and untouched by other folks."  David D. Burns – Independent Software Consultant